Rope Darts & Sash Whips

Fazio Silk Rope Darts
The original rope dart was ten to sixteen feet long with a metal dart attached at the end. The classic version was used in ancient times to strike long range targets, while the rope allowed the practitioner to retrieve the dart. When the rope dart is anchored in the left hand and played with the right, it can be twined around various limbs and joints and shot out suddenly at an attacker.  Rope dart play allows for deceptive and hidden striking with blinding speed and power. 

Tom Fazio’s version of the rope dart or meteor hammer is made from a single piece of silk brocade, to ensure lasting strength.  It is 12.5 feet long (3.8 meters) and 4 inches wide (10 centimeters), with a pocket at both ends designed to hold steel meditation balls for self defense purposes or softer weights for training. It retains all of the technical advantages of the traditional rope dart while enabling the user to remove the steel ball for in close striking or simply to carry the fabric with ease.  The silk blend also removes any danger of rope burn that comes with traditional training.

Fazio Sash Whips
Tom’s sash whips are uniquely designed to offer close quarter grappling to mid range whipping capability. The design allows for nine segment lash technique while offering extra fabric for even longer range striking. By altering the length during sash play, the sash can grow or shorten according to your immediate needs. Our sash whips are 6.5 feet long (2 meters) and 3.5 inches wide (9 centimeters) with a pocket at each end designed to hold a steel meditation ball for self defense purposes or softer weights for training.

This sash can be controlled with one hand as a whip or with two hands to assist grappling techniques. Due to the nature of soft weaponry, the sash can wrap limbs and aid in off-balancing techniques and deceptive striking. And because the sash’s length can be adjusted, many long range rope dart twining and shooting techniques can be applied with ease. Controlling the whip with two hands allows for wrapping, trapping, throwing, blinding, and binding techniques as well as deceptive striking if weights are added to both ends of the sash.